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Seven 1/2 weeks post-op

The last few weeks have been relatively easy (for someone used to daily pain and crutches, presumably a ‘normal’ person would be moaning non-stop – or so facebook would have me believe from experience of friends who have sprained ankles). As you and I know, hip problems are never going to be a breeze but … Continue reading

One month post-op

First blog post in almost three weeks…I’m not going to give a deathly dull detailed account of those three weeks. Or at least, I’m not planning to.  I’ve been going out almost every day which has been good. I have had one physiotherapy session (in which my physiotherapist was MUCH more encouraging) and two hydrotherapy … Continue reading

First week at home

This is my sketchy account of my first week home after getting out of hospital. Well, at my parents’ home, but it’s currently the only one I’ve got.  Mum and I decided to spend day six at home having a rest. Thankfully a lot of PhD paperwork arrived that morning for me to read through … Continue reading

My hospital stay

Good news – I’m back to my usual pretty positive self. I can’t put more than 30kg through one leg for a few weeks but apart from that I’m getting by ok. Before I get ahead of myself I am going to ramble a bit about the last week and a half. Day 0: Surgery … Continue reading